Light Show:

Here at Todds DJ Entertainment Services, we want you and your guest to have an amazing time. Something that can add some amazement to your event is our light show. This light show is ran directly from our computers. Todd has taking many hours setting up different scenes to have multiple lights at one time going on. This is what we have to offer:


The Chauvet Kinta FX. We have two of these set up on our lighting tripod. The Kinta FX has many different features.





It goes through red, blue, and green affects, but with the time Todd spent on it. He was able to come up with other amazing colors. We even have a scene set up to make it seem like there is a  disco ball.

The Venue ThinPar 38's. These two bad boys are pretty cool and set off a wash throughout the room. It has all the colors you can think of. These are best used for slow dances especially. The ThinPar 38's are a great match with the Kinta FX.

The Chauvet 4 Bar is an amazing light. It will surely light up the dance floor. It has many different settings on it. Combine with the Chauvet Kinta FX and Venue ThinPar 38's. Makes for one spectacular light show.

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