About Us

Todd's DJ Entertainment Services provides entertainment for a variety of events: weddings, reunions, parties, etc in the Lafayette area.  The company started started in 2014, when Todd took his previous years of deejaying experience and formed his own business.  Over a few short years, Todd's DJ Entertainment services has grown even more.  We now have three active deejays who look forward to courteously serve you.   When you choose Todd's, you can expect to get a knowledgable professional who prides themself on giving you the best service for your event. 

Our Team

Todd DeRouen


Todd is your go to guy when it comes to handling anything with our DJ company.  He handles every aspect from talking to clients, managing paperwork, keeping track and booking all events, and taking care of equipment. He also keeps up to date with all the top hit music. Always expanding our inventory of music.

Rand Rouly


Rand plays a big part in our company.  Rand is professional and friendly.  Whether he is assisting with lights, assisting with Todd or Matt, or running the show at his own gig, Rand is eager to help and make sure everything runs smoothly. He is surely able to keep your guest entertained throughout your entire event.

Matt Larriviere


Matt is an accomplished DJ with over 15 years behind the DJ booth. He knows how to get the party started and will keep the crowd on the floor all night long. Matt is the latest addition to our team, and we are glad to have him.


More About Us

We love to entertain, and we love to have fun, but we also love our communities.  Todd was a volunteer fire fighter with the Henry Fire Department for three years.  Rand is a Veteran of the Air Force Reserves.  Matt is an active fire fighter in the Scott Fire Department.


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